Fantasy Games


YouFootball is the new gaming platform which enables users to fulfill the dream of a lifetime: training the greatest players of the world.

Users can test their knowledge and managing skills while having a more entertaining way of enjoying football.

Thanks to Scoreradar, the world-leading database and real-time scores provider, YouFootball makes fantasy football feel a more realistic, innovative and captivating game.


  • Users can build-up their selection of players among the world’s dominating championships and play the Super League.
  • They can also create a team for all their favorite national leagues.
  • The score is obtained considering the players’ ‘real’ performances through available real-time data.
  • Virtual world expansion pack is available.
  • Users are simultaneously the team’s coach and manager.


  • Possibility to create the Champions League competition with players chosen exclusively from those teams.
  • The system will automatically allow the transfer market of the players between the teams that pass each round.


  • Users can choose the name, logo, style and colors from their own team.
  • Season begins with the trading period, during which users choose the players from all the world’s leading leagues.
  • The game begins with a roster of 20 players whose value varies according to their performances from the previous year, determined on their actual performance data.
  • Additionally to sports and player registration functionality, casino and poker lobbies may be available through externally integrated systems, using either chips transfer or common wallet (seamless).
  • New users begin with a minor league which follows the Italian Serie A scheme.
  • As in real life, users will have to win their own championship to get to play in the Super League that features all the best players.


  • Live data and score updates. Users don’t have to wait until the end of the game to have an update about the challenge.
  • During the live matches, users can check the result of every single player in the game.
  • The matches final scores will be converted in virtual money which can be spent within the virtual world.


  • The value of the player changes after each game. This means that the real abilities of each player determine its value!
  • A player purchased at a very low price can be valued and sold at higher price during the transfer market window!
  • The game will require a great ability from managers as they choose the team!
  • The transfer market application becomes a game within the game.


  • The big amount of data available allows to make different kinds of rankings regarding to each player and team values.
  • Rankings for all tournaments and private leagues created by users.
  • The best teams can compete in rooms created by Youfootball staff with prizes to win.


  • The lobby system allows to create and have the full control over the league as well as setting all the options (n. of participants, duration of the league, etc…).
  • Users may create their own league to play against friends and/or challenge other people.
  • Also, they may play in the Super League against YouFootball’s strongest players.


  • Possibility to integrate custom-made virtual world with squares, streets, buildings, stores etc., where users can virtually meet up and socialize.
  • The game dynamics are synchronized with the virtual world: for example the results obtained in the matches appear on the billboards in the virtual town and users can comment on them with their friends.


  • Users are simultaneously the team’s coach and manager, becoming responsible for all the strategies.
  • Development of own team’s headquarters and stadium.
  • Personalization of squares and other environments with own team’s colors.


  • The platform will be fully integrated with Facebook.
  • Users will be able to share activities on their walls and to invite all their facebook friends to join “YouFootball”.


  • The application developed allow users to check the results in real time.
  • Users will be able to complete their line-up wherever they are located.